The Best Baby Shower Gifts For Every Price Range

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Even if you don’t know much about babies, or parenthood, even if children aren’t in your future, at some point in your life you’ll be invited to a baby shower. And getting a gift for a baby shower can be very difficult sometimes. There’s the woman who you know is going to be spoiled by her family and that just about every single thing on her baby registry is going to be purchased. Or, there’s the mom who doesn’t even know where to start in making her registry, and it’s hard to tell when people go through and purchase the items in the registry but the items aren’t marked off as purchased, and then you have multiples. Who needs three car seats, or 5 baby baths? Seriously, I had 5 baby baths! The next couple baby showers I went to got baby baths, and I was still able to have one at my house, and each grandparent’s house.

This can easily cause a little stress, you want to get them something, but it’s hard to decide what. And things with babies change so fast! Some of the things I used for my four year old aren’t even sold anymore!

So, here’s some of my favorite baby items that I loved to have, or would love to have now if I were to have another baby, plus things that would be GREAT to have multiples of:

Baby shower gifts under $15:

Get baby books instead of a card, you can write a message inside the cover, and it will be something mom can read to baby often, not read once and thrown away. Plus, there are many baby book options that cost less than the $5 card you’ll find at Target.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment. This diaper rash cream is my favorite! Heals any type of diaper rash/irritation and she’ll want as many of these as she can fit in a diaper bag!

Grooming Kits. Even if she gets more than one of these, it’s always great to have in the diaper bag, the bathroom, or at a grand parent’s house, plus these pieces are small, they get misplaced or lost, and before you know it, you’re frantically searching for a thermometer, or clippers and you can’t find them!

Mesh baby feeders are UH-MAZING! Freeze some breast milk, juice, fruit or veggies and it becomes a great teething help, and an early way for baby to figure out how to feed them self. My kid’s favorites were frozen strawberries and kiwi!

This diaper organizer looks awesome! I would have loved having one of these in a few different areas of the house, so having multiples of it would be VERY beneficial!

Gifts under $50

Car seat protectors. I wish I had actually known about these when I had babies in car seats. My youngest is getting ready for a big boy booster, so those days are over for me, and the damage has already been done to my car… Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to mess my seat up a little knowing it was for the protection of my child, but I have leather seats and I doubt they’ll ever recover from the indents, AND the incredible mess my child manages to make! Do your friend  a HUGE favor and get them a car seat protector!

Glass bottles! Even if she plans to breastfeed, baby will likely have to take a bottle at some point. She’ll need to get out for a date night, a doctor appointment, something always comes up and she’ll be needing a bottle now and then. These are great because they can take a high heat to sanitize them (especially good to do for a newborn), I’ve never had one break, it’s better for the environment and you won’t have to worry about the chemicals found in some of the plastic bottle options out there.

Crib mattress protectors. Absolutely necessary to have more than one of these! She can stack these up for quick fixes in the middle of the night. Multiple crib sheets are very necessary too for the same reason. Simply put on a protector, then a sheet, then another protector and another sheet. Boom! Easy clean up after diaper mishaps or pukey nights.


Because it’s just so important that we encourage moms to practice even small acts of self care every day right from the beginning!

Starbucks gift card or gift card to her favorite coffee shop. Most have tea and smoothies in addition to coffee. You could also get her a gift card for a massage or mani/pedi, anything that encourages her to get out and get a little energized is perfect. Something she can do in around an hour to help her get out of the house, but keep stress levels low!

A fun coffee mug! Get her one that you know she’ll love! Is she a mom that swears? Get her a mug that swears. Loves rap? They make mugs that say, “ya’ll gon make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here.” SHE WILL LOVE IT. Her kids will probably grow up knowing the song too since she’ll sing it to them, often. Game of Thrones obsessed? Get her a GOT coffee mug. Get her something that will make her smile in her sleep deprived state as she drinks her morning cuppa. She’s going to need that inspiration for the next 18 years.

This is my current favorite dry shampoo! I only wash my hair twice a week (don’t worry, I shower every day…) and I use this each day between washes! It smells great, and works fast!

Face masks, nail polish, and other cheap self care items are also a great choice! This type of gift reminds mom that it’s about her too, not just about baby!

It can be difficult at times to find the perfect gift for an expecting mother, but these were some of my favorite things I had while in that chapter of my life. They saved my butt more than once. I also tend to buy this type of stuff for baby showers I go to now! You can’t really go wrong with these items and mom will be so thankful for them! Also, if you wanted to do more/get more, let her know to tell you what wasn’t purchased on her registry  afterwards. Or message her a week or so later to see if there was anything else she needs, that way you’re not  buying multiples of the expensive items, but you’re still getting her something she really needs!

Until next time friends!


baby shower gifts

The best baby shower gifts

baby shower gifts (2)

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