How To Schedule Tasks When You Work From Home

batch schedule


I’ve talked about it before, but I can be a busy woman sometimes! There’s so much going on with getting a couple business going from the ground up, homeschooling my children, the various kids activities, taking care of pets, cleaning and running the home and managing the house budget. Not to mention an income property that from time to time needs our attention. Whew! I need a bath and glass of wine after typing all of that out! I know lots of other moms who are interested in having a blog, and possibly even making money from it, but they just don’t know how they would manage this side hustle along with everything else going on in their lives. So today’s short and sweet post is a break down of how I manage to write and promote three blog posts a week and still do everything else I need/want to do with my life!

How I batch schedule my work flow:

*Before a new week starts I have my idea for each post already chosen before hand.

Mondays: I make all of my outlines (Yes, I’m old school and find that I make at least a little more sense when I take the time to organize my thoughts before hand). I also work on any research I need/want to do. Since I’m also trying to turn this into a main hustle, I’m constantly taking different classes and webinars to help me improve and stay on track with building a name for myself.

Tuesday: Writing day! Tuesday is a fairly light day for everything else going on in my life, so this is the day I throw on some music, make some coffee, and hunker down and write all three posts. I fix NO errors, I don’t worry about flow very much, I just type my heart away and get my ideas into the blog post. I’ll worry about the rest later.

Wednesday: Any graphics for posts and for Pinterest or other promotions. I use Canva for quite a bit of my graphics, and any photos of my own that I need for a post I edit and create on Wednesdays. I also upload them to my website and organize where they will go in the post itself. I tend to be busy on Wednesdays so this is an easy task that usually doesn’t take much time at all.

batch schedule (1)

Thursdays: Editing day. I go through the three posts I wrote on Tuesday and I look through them with fresh eyes. I fix all the mistakes I can find on my first go through, and then I will also open a preview page and see how it all looks with my website design and read through once more to try to find mistakes. This is the day I also look over my editorial calendar and choose what I will write about the next week. I will also work on any classes I’m taking and do more research on this day if I have the time.

Friday: Weekend preparation. I try to not work on weekends. I will from time to time, if I need to, or if I get really inspired. So on Friday I schedule the three posts I worked on through this week so that they are ready to go next week and I don’t have to give them much thought other than promoting them (which I usually do while drinking my morning coffee after they go live). I will also research and learn more if I have the time. Some Fridays are incredibly busy for us, especially if its a grocery shopping Friday, so having as little to do as possible on the website works best for this day!

Then next Monday rolls around, and my first task is making the outlines for the subjects I chose on Thursday, and the cycle starts all over again!

Now, depending on if you work out of the home, or how your weeks look, you might not break your work flow down the same way I have. Your flow will also change from time to time as you change direction. You might only start with one or two posts a week, you also may find that you can write really easily and that you have tons to say, so you might write more often or be able to fit in more. I have just recently gone from two posts to three and that’s the point where I knew I had to get a little more organized with how I made this extra work flow with my daily life! If you really want to do something though, you’ll find a way to make it work!

Until next time friends!


batch schedule (2)

batch schedule (3)

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