End of The Year Homeschool Curriculum Tips!

planning this homeIt’s finally spring time! And for you homeschoolers out there, spring time means one amazing thing in particular. You’re nearing the end of your homeschool year! Yay! This, of course, depends on what homeschool schedule you like to use, but many of us follow a more traditional type of schedule and loosely follow the public schools in our areas.

A few things always seem to happen around this time of the year. First, we’re all starting to feel a little burnt out. Spring break always seems to fall just when we really need it! We’re tired after a long winter of feeling stuck inside, getting sickness after sickness, and that warm weather just makes us itch to be outside as much as possible! The second thing that seems to happen, at least in our home, is that we start to run out of curriculum! We seem to finish up weeks before the public schools do!

While that seems really fun, it does pose a slight problem. Your kids might go a few months with out much math, or maybe not as much reading. Kids lose enough of what they learn in a typical summer (I’ll have more on that later!) but by adding weeks on to that summer break can really make the beginning of the next school year tough!

spring slump

This year in particular, we’ve actually already finished up quite a bit of our curriculum! Two months ahead of time! We’re currently only doing one subject of the five subjects in our comprehensive curriculum workbook. We also learned that we’re a little behind in a couple subjects too. Staying at the pace we’ve been using to get through the 180 days of practice curriculum would take us well into June at this point. So, here’s what we’re doing to keep up the practice, and keep our homeschool schedule in tact before summer starts:

  1. We need to double up on our 180 days subjects (science and geography). We have little to nothing in our comprehensive curriculum book, so it won’t add too much to our school days. We started this last week and its a faster pace, but we have plenty of time in each day to concentrate on it. It’s going well so far.
  2. I picked up two small review workbooks at a Five Below near me. I love Five Below for their selection of fun learning materials for kids! We’re going to use the math and reading comprehension for a little review each day. Whatever is left from these books when summer starts will help us review and retain during the summer.
  3. We’re going to dedicate an amount of time each day spent simply reading! I’m ashamed to say that while they read every single day, they don’t dedicate much time to it.
  4. We’re going to go to a museum at least once during this season, there’s plenty to choose from in my area, and most are reasonably priced and it’s a really fun way to get the learning in and get a break from the books.
  5. Curiosity stream documentaries on rainy days! This and the history channel has some fun things that really can grab my boy’s attention.
  6. We’re going to talk more about what they want to learn! You may have already guessed this, as most homeschool parents do this, but we strive to answer all of our kid’s questions, and when we don’t know the answer we all team up and find the answer. From how something is made, to how much the earth weighs (I learned a new number that day!). So I’m simply going to ask them what they are curious about or what they want to know more about and find a way to include that in our end of the year fun!

This is going to serve a few different purposes. First, obviously, it’s going to help me fill in the time we have left before summer vacation starts. Second, it’s going to make this end of the year I-can’t-look-at-another-damn-book slump we always get in tolerable. And third, it’s going to help us get out of the house more often, not just on homeschool group days (which we also had to miss quite a bit of this winter due to illness and weather).

Do you have any homeschool questions!? I’m always open to questions, tips and ideas!

Until next time friends!


spring slump (1)

spring slump (2)

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