How to Organize Letter Board Letters

This one is rather short and sweet! I often see people putting quotes on their letter boards and noticed that they keep all the letters jumbled together in a bag or box of some sort. But why?! This is why they never end up changing up the quote, or quit putting the board up altogether. I have a quick, easy, and fairly cheap idea for you!

TACKLE BOXES! The joy of being the wife of a fisherman. These small compartments are perfect for organizing your letters and make putting up new quotes or phrases so much easier!



They come in all sizes, are fairly compact, clasp shut and I put mine in a drawer, keeping them out of sight, but easy to access anytime I feel the need to change things up! This one is decently priced and compact, you would need two of them though. The boxes big enough to fit the whole alphabet and then some seemed too wide to easily stick in a drawer.

And that’s it! Just a quick 5 minute organization hack for around $10 and makes something I know a lot of people kind of struggle with have an easier time at changing up their decor and inspiring their family, or putting up funny Office quotes, whatever your shtick is 😉

Until next time friends!



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  1. Aided me a lot, just what I was looking for : D.


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