How to Block Your Time

How to schedule your day

There’s a whole lotta talk these days about balancing our time.  Mostly towards women, and moms especially. How do you balance your time? We’re expected to work like we don’t have children, and raise our children like we don’t have to work.

This isn’t going to be the key to living quite like that. But don’t click away just yet- I do have something that will help you get more done every day. Let’s talk about prioritizing our time, and deciding when to get whatever it is you want to do- done!

What’s this key? The Block Schedule! We have talked about planning our day and making to do lists and that’s a great start! But you still might be going through each day wondering when you should do what, and how to be a productive machine! Your days probably don’t look super balanced then, do they? One day you scrub the house top to bottom and the next day you struggle to get a load of laundry done. One day you spend the entire day on a craft or project (I’m so guilty of this!) and the next day, you have to pick up all the pieces that fell through while you were on your tangent the day before. I wonder if you resonate with the idea that not everything can look good at the same time? It’s either you, the kids, or the house? You probably aren’t using the time you have very wisely then.

The time block is amazing in that depending on the time of the day, your schedule that you set up for yourself tells you what your priority is. There’s a time to implement your cleaning routines, there’s a time to spend with family, there’s a time to spend on cooking dinner, you can even implement a block that’s just for outings so that all of your errands are being ran at the same time and you don’t feel like you’re coming and going all day long. Jordan Page has a YouTube video all about the ins and outs of the time block schedule and you can view her video on the channel Fun Cheap or Free. She gives you the rules, and she’s strict about them, for good reason!

Let's talk about prioritizing our time, and deciding when to get whatever it is you want to do- done!

So, lets talk about setting up your block schedule.

First things first. What are your priorities? Do you prioritize a clean home? Do you prioritize you and the kids always looking polished? Do you prioritize time to yourself to drink your coffee, read, or work on yourself? Do you prioritize sleeping in? What are your priorities in your daily life? We’re asking the big questions today!

My priorities are a somewhat tidy home, homeschooling my children, building my business, family time, homemade dinners and a relaxing bed time routine.

Next think about what things happen at certain times? School drop off and pickup, maybe your job requires you to be out of the home every single day at certain time periods, when do you eat your meals? What days do you have soccer practice or attend church?

I have to drop off and pick up my sister from school, I like to start our home school day around 10 am, we eat lunch around noon, and in the afternoon I work best and the kids are entertained. We eat dinner around 6 pm, so I need to cook dinner around 5 pm.

Use these questions to help you build your time blocks. Time blocks need to be longer than 1 hour, and usually shorter than 4. Two to three hours tend to work best. Fill in each block with your priorities and time sensitive activities and then use the rest of the things you want to do through the day as fillers, things that fit in with what you are doing in that particular time block.

My block schedule looks like this:

6 a – 10 a: Morning Block

Relax/ coffee
School Drop off
Grocery store run (if needed)
Get Ready
Time with hubby
Morning chores: Put away dishes, laundry in dryer, vacuum floors

10-12 Home School Block

School work
Work on Home school plans for the next week

12-3 Afternoon Block

Load dishwasher from the morning
Room of the day cleaning
School Pickup
Doctor appointments or another errand (if needed)

3-5 Work Block

Social Media
Brain Dump
Bullet Journal Tasks
Tidy Office
Any Extra Home School Tasks

5-7 Evening Block

Boys pick up toys
Evening Clean: Fill dishwasher and run it, Delay start a load of laundry for the morning, vacuum floors (we have huskies, so LOTS of fur!)
Extra time with my husband

The rest of the evening is spent with a family movie night, sometimes board games, sometimes the boys and I just find separate rooms to have quite time in because we spend 24/7 together! #homeschoollife



With the time block schedule, I’m able to see not only what tasks I need to do, but when it works best for me to do the tasks! I don’t need to skip my work block because I haven’t cleaned the house in the last few days, the things that help my home look and feel more tidy are built into my daily cleaning routines. I don’t skip the home school block (which is the biggest priority for me) because I have this project I’m stuck working on and I don’t know when I’ll ever have time for it again. It takes the things I want to do each day and breaks them down into bite sized chunks that allow me to balance the things I want to do with the things I need to do every single day! I have gone from a productive roller coaster to a productive freeway with planned exits and stops implemented along the way!

Don’t be afraid to change it up if it’s not working for you. Do not feel like you have to use this particular schedule, or have the same times blocked out that I have. My block schedule probably only works for me. I challenge you to sit down for 5 minutes and just ask yourself the questions I asked above. What are your priorities? When do things need to be done around the house? From your answers loosely set up a block schedule that may work for you. Then change when you do certain things to have your organic rhythm work better for you and help you not only feel like you’re taking on all the home and family duties, but also carving out the time you need for yourself or building a business or reaching for the stars!

Before the block schedule, I told myself that there was no way I could run a business, or go back to school, or take on a side hustle, or even have the time to figure out which one of these I actually wanted to do! What would you do if you had more time? Learn a new language? Get an online degree? Take a bubble bath? Read a romance novel? Workout?! With the block schedule method, you can see where you might have the time to fill your cup so that you can really be there for your family. It doesn’t have to be to run a business or to crush goals, it is perfectly fine if it is just time that you spend for you.

What would you do with more balance in your day? How empowered do you feel right now knowing you hold a special key in your arsenal to be more productive? You probably just rolled your eyes at that, but trust me, if you try it you just might fall in love with it and reach even further in your life! What are you waiting for?

Until next time friends!


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