Valentines Day Buffet and Wall Decor

Fun and cheap

I have always loved decorating for holidays. But with little kids, and living in a rental for the past four years, I quit having time to do it, and I made myself think it cost too much money.  I also stopped crafting in that time. Now, the kids are bigger, we own our own home again, and I have been on this journey to discover what I want my life and home to to reflect all over again for the past year. I want my life to have some variety, and a home that reflects the seasons in subtle (sometimes not so subtle) ways. And I want it to be fun for the kids. So today I want to share with you how I have decorated my buffet in the dining room for Valentine’s day this year.


Lets start with the ride or die, MVP’s of the decor I have here around this area in my dining room. For the wall decor, I have a couple pictures that haven’t changed since we moved in. I’m sure I will update them here and there, but the family pictures tend to stay the same for long periods of time. The picture frame in the far left corner has a sign that reads, “You are wonderful,” with a wreath, I found it as a free printable from Pinterest.  In the other picture frame is just a printable (also free after a Pinterest search) of a heart shaped wreath. I find a new printable every season and change out what I put in these frames to fit the time of year. I have two other collage walls that I use for a seasonal printable too! It’s an easy and cheap way to update some decor around the house! My frames are from the dollar tree. My letter board is from Target, and I change it up every couple weeks or so, or as the mood strikes me. One day soon, I will share with you a simple way to organize these letters to give you a sense of sanity!

Now for the new stuff, the canvas that reads, “I love us” I made one night a couple weeks ago while the boys were using their water colors at the table. I figured why not join them and I broke out some of my acrylic paints and made some wall decor! The, “Love is Magical,” sign in the upper right corner is from the dollar tree this year (2019).

Now the buffet has been a different story this time around. Up until a week ago, it was my coffee bar. But I decided to try to move the coffee bar into the kitchen (so far, I’m not loving it) and the microwave was in a really awkward place in the kitchen and hard for the kids to reach (we’re all about independence in this house!) so I decided to move it. So far, I like how this has turned out, but I just need to figure out what to do about making a good area in the kitchen and try to make the coffee station work. The vase is a cup from the dollar tree that I spray painted a glittery gold for my wedding. I have these all over the house, they are so pretty! And I have some flowers from the dollar tree that used to be orange and red, I spray painted them last year for valentine’s day. While they have held up alright, I don’t think I would recommend doing that. I have found that when moving them or rearranging them, they shed more than a flocked tree at Christmas. Pretty, but kind of a pain… I really do like how the paint gave them a soft pink look though. The pictures come out a little on the orange side, but IRL they look pretty. The wood stand they are sitting on is actually a wooden bowl that my father-in-law made years ago. The bright red cake stand is from the Target dollar spot (holla!!) and I kept the peppermint sticks from Christmas, because it’s more winter now here in Michigan than it ever thought of being around Christmas! The boys love having those for their hot cocoas!


The other area I would like to share today, is on the other side of my dining room. After we painted this room in November (it used to be a dark green and have a lot of exposed patch work) I made this area a collage wall for all of the Christmas pictures and goodies I found at the Dollar Tree last season. I decided to keep that collage idea going for this next season. First, I left up the deer decor from Christmas time. I feel that the deer don’t necessarily scream Christmas, more of just a winter vibe, even though they say season’s greetings and Joy to the world. I just refuse to go with out them quite yet! The, “you belong with me and I belong with you,” signs are from the Target Dollar spot, as is the pink sign in the middle, “The best is yet to come,” and the heart shaped, “Happy Valentine’s day” sign. The love sign is from, (You guessed it!) The Dollar Tree!

The rest of the house doesn’t have too much for Valentine’s as of yet, a couple more picture frames with cute printables that I made myself, or found for free online, a set of twinkle lights with hearts on them from the dollar spot, and other wise I’ve left the house alone for this season. After Christmas threw up all over the house in November, it’s felt really nice to clear it all out, and keep it that way for the most part.

Do you decorate for holidays like Valentines day? What are you favorite holidays to decorate for? Where do you feel you’re decor is lacking?

Until next time friends!


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