2019 Life Goal Check In


How to keep up on your

This blog is getting off the ground a month after setting my 2019 Goals. So, allow me to catch you up:

First, I like to use the term goal instead of resolution. I feel like the word resolution has lost some meaning these days. We all gather up and dream this perfect world that will happen once the clock strikes midnight- and then the second we stub our toe, or run into the smallest (or largest) of road blocks, we back down and allow our life to continue down the road that we wanted to turn off of. We say, I guess next year will be our year, before the fist week of January is over. I can’t count how many Facebook and Instagram posts I’ve read about how February first is when their year will start because they weren’t ready for January.

While I like a good solid Monday, or a first to really start working on a goal, the reality is that each day is a new start and we cannot expect perfection and 100% success when we first start at ANYTHING. We like to say we gave it a good shot, but we’ll jump on the train the next time it comes our way.

I encourage you to not wait for that new year train, because chances are, it will pass you by again and again. There’s a smaller train that goes by your home every morning, it’s a one car train, it only goes for 24 hours, but it comes back every day. Get on that one, and if you miss it, instead of waiting for the next one, just start walking. All that really matters is progress.

I also encourage you to make goals that are ACHIEVABLE. Don’t say you’re going to lose exactly 5, 10, 50 or 100 pounds by next year. Say you’re going to be healthier than you are now. Say you’re going to concentrate each day on eating better than you did the last. Say you’re going to start walking, or doing some type of exercise twice a week, even if that exercise is just a really good stretch a couple times a week, if it’s more than what you were doing yesterday it’s something. Don’t say to yourself that you will be a millionaire by the end of the year. Say that you will make savings a priority. Start by saving $5 a week, if it’s more than you were saving through all of last year, then you’re on your way.

And lastly, look in on your goals. Set a time frame for you to look back on your goals and see if they need adjusted. Did you blow them out of the water? Good! Pat yourself on the back and make a new goal to keep your momentum. Did you fail miserably? Okay, well, go back to the drawing board and make a smaller goal to try for the next time period!  You can look at these goals, weekly, monthly, quarterly- even if you just look in on them twice a year, that’s a step in the right direction.

I plan to look in on my goals on a monthly basis.

So, what were my life goals for 2019?

  1. I will have $1,000 in my savings account. Or as adults call it these days, an emergency fund.
  2. I will add pillow covers to my Etsy shop. (Ashley’s Farm Fresh)
  3. I will establish and stick to a workout routine.

And now drum roll please…….

How am I doing with these life goals?

  1. Emergency fund- I actually took $150 out of my savings for husband’s fishing expense. That $150 was in there for a hunting adventure he’s saving up for in the early fall… So it was his money to spend. He is also the breadwinner in the home. But I didn’t put a dollar into my savings account. I have a bunch of other excuses on why I didn’t do it, but this isn’t about what excuses will make you feel better about not reaching your goals, this is about being honest with my self. There’s still 11 months though, so if I want to make this happen I will need to put away at least $91 a month for the rest of the year. So, I’m counting this as till on track.
  2. Pillow Covers- I have 14 Covers listed for sale currently. I’m also pretty comfortable with how I make them and use them myself. So This one is complete!
  3. Workout- I have been doing yoga at least once a week since the year started. But I’m not as strict with it as I would like to be.


So, my February goals will look a little more like this:

  1. Put at least $50 into savings (I would like to say $91, but heating costs will be going up after this Michigan snowmageddon, and valentines day and whatever else, I like to set goals a little small so I feel better about it when I blow them out of the water.)
  2. Learn to sew soup bowl pot holders. Those things are pretty damn cool and they look neat and easy to make, I bet I could sell a few of those, and just having them for my family would be great too!
  3. Workout twice a week. Even if it’s just yoga, I need to do something. I need to remind myself how good I feel when I do yoga, both inside and out, I need to remember how clear my head is when I workout. I also want to add on to this goal and drink 7 glasses of water a day, I’ve started that this past month without adding it to my goals, but it also makes me feel better and it’s healthy, so I feel that the two can easily go hand in hand.


I plan to look into my goals at the start of each month, hopefully showing you at least mediocre success.

Is your new year going to start Feb 1st? That’s okay! Start it, and remember that from that point on, each day is a new start, so jump on to that train! Not sure what to even make your goals?  That’s fine too. You’d be surprised how many people aren’t even sure what they want in their life! Just concentrate on being a little better each day. That’s a good goal that still encompasses the idea of doing something actionable each day to point you in the right direction!

Until next time friends!




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